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As a matter of good stewardship,
this group on this platform will be closing by 10/31/23
and moving to a free social media platform.
Thus, we are no longer taking new membership here.
If you are interested in joining us at our new location,
please reach out via the CONTACT link below.

The Christian Homeschool Oasis (CHO) is a support group for private, independent home educators. We aim to provide encouragement and fellowship for:

  • current (private, independent) home educators;
  • those giving serious consideration to homeschooling;
  • “retired” home-educating parents interested in helping/advising current homeschoolers;
  • select others (on a case-by-case basis) who clearly demonstrate strong support for home-based learning.

Because of our mission - i.e., providing support for full-time private home educators - those using any sort of virtual/charter or public-school-at-home program (i.e., utilizing taxpayer funds for educational resources), or any sort of "partnership" or involvement with a K-12 public school (for academics and/or extracurriculars) are not eligible for group membership. In a nutshell, those who meet the parameters of Wholly Independent Parent-Directed Homeschooling, Private Pay Online School, Co-Op Based Learning, and/or a Learning Center according to the descriptions delineated HERE may join CHO. Those who privately homeschool but partner on a limited basis with a private school - i.e., for extracurriculars and/or an occasional ad hoc class - will be considered for CHO membership on a case-by-case basis.

CHO is for those who opposed to:

  • any government control of home education
    (i.e., we comply with current state homeschool laws but prefer and lobby for deregulation);
  • the use of any government-sponsored money (i.e., vouchers, ESAs, stipends, etc.) for home education;
  • the common core standards (CCS) and all related initiatives.

We encourage home educating parents to actively avoid involvement with government funding and/or CCS-connected resources, and do not allow the endorsement or promotion of either.

CHO is for Christian and other socially conservative home educators. We hold to traditional, biblically-grounded Judeo-Christian social/moral values. We do allow those who practice some other-than-Christian faith perspectives to join on a case-by-case basis, but such members must be comfortable in a group where members espouse traditional (not "progressive") Judeo-Christian values, affirm Christ as the only means of salvation (John 14.6), and openly share Bible verses, prayer requests, and discussion of relevant cultural issues from a socially conservative perspective.

CHO is meant to be an oasis for its members – a place for them to refresh and refuel. Thus, we expect all members to abide by The Golden Rule (i.e., agreeing to treat others as they themselves would like to be treated).

Questions? Contact us here.